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Greek Fever: Olympiakos Supporters

Olympiakos fans are renowned for their passionate and fervent support to their team, with the atmosphere at home matches regarded as intimidating.

Olympiakos traditional fanbase comes from the city of Piraeus, where the club is based, as well as a good part of the rest of the Athens area.

The club’s popularity increased during the 1950s after winning consecutive titles and setting several records, and they became the best-supported football club in the country.

Olympiakos used to represent the working class, but the club has always attracted fans from all the social classes and their fanbase is not associated with any specific social group anymore.

Traditionally, Olympiakos ’ main rival is Panathinaikos and their so-called derby of the eternal enemies is the classic rivalry in the Athens area and Greek football in general. The two teams are the most successful and most popular Greek football clubs, and the rivalry is also indicative of social, cultural and regional differences.