Footballcracy EURO 2012 Michel Platini: Euro 2020 should be hosted by all Europe

Michel Platini: Euro 2020 should be hosted by all Europe

UEFA boss Michel Platini has made the surprising proposal that Euro 2020 be hosted in 12 or 13 cities across Europe.

During the last two decades, the UEFA European Football Championship has had a number of tandem hosts: current Euro 2012′s Poland and Ukraine, as well as Euro 2008′s Austria and Switzerland, and Euro 2000′s Belgium and Netherlands.

At present countries who have expressed interest in hosting Euro 2020 are Turkey, as well as tandem Azerbaijan-Georgia, and trio Ireland-Scotland-Wales.

Platini’s Saturday proposal is the first time a high-ranking official suggests that the prestigious tournament could be organized on a basis that is not country-centered.

This is only an idea, but in December or January we have to make our final decision. The idea seems very appealing to me, especially given we will have the 60th anniversary of the tournament,” said the UEFA president.

We could organize the tournament in 12 or 13 cities spread out all over Europe,” said Platini, adding he has officially addressed the proposal to UEFA’s executive board.

The next European Football Championship, in 2016, will be hosted by France.